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Good skincare isn’t just about cleansing and moisturizing. It involves all aspects of your day to day routine, managing breakouts, acne scarring, and cellulite, and making smart choices about your makeup and other products.

Stretch Marks

One of the biggest discussion points I have with women is stretch marks. Most of them want to proudly tell me how they rub extra virgin coconut oil or shea butter religiously on their bellies during pregnancy. Even I rubbed my own pregnant belly with coconut oil, just in case.

What Really Causes Stretch Marks?

The fact is, stretch marks happen when you go through a huge weight change and the skin tears causing marks. I have stretch marks on my thighs that I got during my growth spurts in puberty. But I never got them in pregnancy, and I can probably thank my parents for that since how your skin handles this stretching is largely a matter of heredity mixed in with luck.

Is dark skin less susceptible to stretch marks?

Although it was once believed that black and Asian women were less likely to get stretch marks than Caucasian women, black, Asian, as well as other women of color, can still be susceptible to developing them.

Interviewed for an article in the Oakland Tribune, Dr. Richard Nolan of Laser Skin Source in Alameda, California, revealed that Asian women are particularly prone to the development of stretch marks.

Many women of all races and skin tones can have a genetic disposition to getting stretch marks. If your mother or sister had them during pregnancy or through weight gain, you might get them.

What can you do about stretch marks?

Although laser surgery may be a better solution to stretch marks, it’s expensive, and women have been warned to avoid laser surgery.

Stretch marks are most likely to occur on the belly, thighs, breasts, and arms. So once you get them, can you get rid of them?

You can treat them and improve stretch marks’ appearance, but you can’t necessarily get rid of them.

StretchPatch is a new way to treat scars, acne, cellulite, and stretch marks with unique ingredients in heat powered hydrogel patch. StretchPatch works by restoring collagen, a fibrous protein that helps give your skin elasticity.

The best time to treat stretch marks are when they are in their brightly colored phase, meaning bright red or purple. Once they pass this phase and fade into silvery lines, they are much harder to treat.

StretchPatch is your best bet when it comes to diminishing the signs of stretch marks. The problem with StretchPatch is you can’t use it during pregnancy or when breastfeeding when your stretch marks are in their most treatable phase.

Laser treatments can minimize the effects of stretch marks, but these can also be pricey. You’ll need a series of $500-$1000 laser treatments to correct the marks, and the results are not guaranteed.

One thing is true though, the sooner you start, the sooner you see results with the StretchPatch. <3


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