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International Women's Day! YAY!

I was so happy the other day when I was asked by our exclusive distributor Pharmapacks to answer a couple of questions about what does women's day means to me. So here is the article they did and it makes me so very proud to be a woman!

We couldn't think of a better brand to feature for International Women's Day than one whose entire message is about #skinconfidence. Not surprisingly, the founder Rita Toth is just as inspiring. Below is Pharmapacks' exclusive interview with Stretch Patch founder Rita Toth.


What does being a female entrepreneur mean to you? Superpowers. Nearly every woman has them, but they may not be aware of it yet. As I am an innovator and founder of a women-focused company that created new scar and stretch mark treatment products, I aim to empower women by feeling confident in their skin again. A confident girl (woman?) can move the world! I feel that female entrepreneurship enabled me to GIVE. What does International Women's Day represent for you? International Women’s Day is a great reminder to connect, reflect and give gratitude for what we have and what we achieved. It is also a good opportunity to connect with female role models, mentors and peers to celebrate the uniqueness we all share and remind ourselves that we often got where we are because of the support and trust of our fellow women. Also, who doesn’t like to be celebrated and be special for a day!? (We deserve it every day… btw.) What advice would you give to other women trying to build their own company or fulfill their dreams? As women entrepreneurs, the statistics are on our side. A few decades ago, finding and fulfilling a personal goal or dream was not attainable. Women also have emotional intelligence as the competitive advantage, to become empowering leaders and creative problem solvers that fuel future innovation and businesses. I also find it important to network with similar women entrepreneurs because we all face the same or similar challenges, and it is always very empowering to learn from one another. We all eventually learn through experience within the complex journey of life, family, friends and business. I can also wholeheartedly say that being a mother is not an obstacle in women entrepreneurship, but perhaps the best preparation for it. Also, fear of failure only exists in the head, therefore failure is not real. We are all unique with unique circumstances and yet still have the potential to bring a lot to the table. You’d never know if you don’t start.

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Because they are also awesome, they provided a 15% off sitewide code, if you shop on their website!

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YAY! Thank you Pharmapacks!



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