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Changing the Paradigm One Patch at a Time

You are probably used to hearing from friends, parents, and various deep Google searches, that there is absolutely nothing that you can use to help the look and feel of scars and stretch marks. Heck, even Mayo Clinic's page claims that there are no lotions and oils that will help them fade effectively:

'' Many creams, ointments, and other products claim to prevent or treat stretch marks. Products made of cocoa butter, vitamin E and glycolic acid, for example, aren't harmful, but they probably won't help much either.'' - A recent web search result by Mayo Clinic

Let's admit Mayo Clinic, friends and your dermatologist USED TO BE RIGHT.

For over 40+ years there was no innovation in the category. People had the paradigm plated to them that stretch marks are there to stay, it is what it is.

When no one is looking into challenging that ''belief system'', there is no room for investing in research and development. Scars and stretch marks are STILL considered a niche market in the world, despite the fact that over 80% of women develop pregnancy-related scars. That is a big average to ignore, especially when I was part of that statistic and I was also told there meh....there is nothing you can do.

Refusing to accept that created the StrtechPatch that spanned over 5 years of detailed research, trials, and errors. I did for me first, selfishly, I wanted a solution to MY problem. I wanted to find something so desperately.

And I know what you think... all women are beautiful in their skin, love your tiger stripes. And I would agree, but no matter how much I fought it, it impacted my self-esteem drastically. Based on the research, it turned out, I am not alone. The global stretch marks treatment market size was estimated at USD 2.27 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 2.45 billion in 2020 (by Grand View Research).

So the problem in fact was the lack of innovation, not the lack of possible solutions.

'Make a quick buck' single ingredient brands spun a couple of one-ingredient products to market quickly, like Bio-Oil with e-vitamin, Palmer's with coconut oil, Mederma with an onion extract. Made a cheap product to quite frankly....preying on the budget of a hopeful target. Products and companies like them gave the entire category a bad reputation and a hard future for any other product development. And still today, they dominate the shelve space in retail stores almost exclusively.

In recent years there have been efforts by targeting the space with oddly shaped silicone patches (Dermaclara and Sio Beauty) that are rigid, acting only as a skin barrier, leaving the skin up to its own devices. Don't get me wrong, they are good in their own category, but what if your skin needs more? Scarring is created on a deeper layer of the dermis, lotions and oils are not enough to penetrate to a deeper layer of the skin, and sometimes your skin just does not have what it takes when you are using only a silicone patch.

ENTER THE STRETCHPATCH .... We use multiple formulations with up to 17+ ingredients because we know that not all skin types are created equally and e vitamin alone will not cut it. The StretchPatch stays on your skin for prolonged application up to 8 hours a day for continuous support. We also use heat application to deliver the ingredients to a deeper layer of the dermis where scarring really happened. We are the only one on the market that can do this!

And yes, 17+ ingredients get expensive in product development very quickly, but we are not making any shortcuts that can jeopardize your results of fading stretch marks or a c-section scar.

What is the future for the brand and a product that challenged that paradigm?

With our continued efforts to get the news out there, we hope we can make a difference in people's lives. Don't expect us on the shelves of CVS, Rite Aid, Target, or other retail locations just yet. It is almost impossible for small brands to get in, but you can always find us here and support innovation by spreading the news.

Gain back your skin confidence!

- With love by the StretchPatch Team


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