Our founder, Rita Toth, is the entrepreneur and the innovator behind the StretchPatch.

She created the product line based on her personal frustration. 

After giving birth to two beautiful baby boys, she ended up with pregnancy-related scars and stretch marks. She tried everything that was available at the time, but no lotion, oil, or cream seemed to solve the problem. She quickly realized that she is not alone with this pain and problem of self-esteem and how much this simple scarring problem has affected the lives of many fellow women. 


Something needed to be done. 


With her background from Procter & Gamble and Master's degree from Harvard University Extension School, she set out on a quest to solve this problem. After three years of rigorous research, testing and approvals, she brought the StretchPatch family to market in 2017. 

Since our launch, the product line has grown with three additional products, lots of sales success, and great reviews from customers and the media. Most important of all is the growing community of women who feel confident in their skin again. 

SkinGreat, LLC is a woman-owned and operated company based in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. 

Rita Toth CEO