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How The StretchPatch Works?


Not just a silicone patch and not just a lotion.
Hydrates and smooths your skin, while decreases discoloration of stretch marks, width, and depth of scars, acne scars, or cellulite, by enabling skin regeneration. 

Skin Layers Scarring

When the StretchPatch is placed on the skin, it helps increase the circulation and opens the pores to deliver all the key ingredients to aid in collagen production.  StretchPatch is a highly localized care that softens tissue and promotes skin regeneration over time. 

Scars, acne scars, cellulite, stretch marks (striae) are created in this deeper layer (dermis) of the skin.  When they are left to heal by themselves, they fill with thick scar tissue. They will need proper care and hydration, even above just silicone patches.

Treat Your Stretch Marks and Scars While You Sleep

Treat Your Stretch Marks and Scars While You Sleep

Renew your skin health one patch at a time.

Renew Your Skin Health
One Patch at a Time

One Solution Will Not Fit All Skin Types

We at StretchPatch recognize the difference between skin types, and we know that one solution will not fit all stretch marks, ace scars, cellulite, or scarring needs.
This is why we created different formulas so you can have the right product to help you achieve the best results.

The StretchPatch Trifecta


Topical and highly localized ingredient delivery where your stretch marks, cellulite acne, and surgical scars need it the most.

Highly effective ingredients that are specifically designed to aid in skin health, increase collagen production, and skin regeneration. Above and beyond a silicone patch.

Applied heat in the patch will increase circulation and open your pores to deliver the ingredients to the deeper layer of your skin. No other mask can do that.

Not Sure Which Formula to Use?

Find your best fit based on your stretch mark, acne, cellulite or scar type. 


Real Results

No Photoshop, no photoshoots, no cheating. Just real results from real customers. 

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