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Cellulite +

Extra Strong Formula

Lotion infused and heat-powered hydrogel patch for large areas, and advanced cellulite. 

StretchPatch Cellulite+ Extra Strong Formula Value Pack 6pc/pack

SKU: SM-JY079-1
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    • Minimizes the cellulite's appearance
    • Tones and firms skin
    • Mess-free and simple to use
    • Unique delivery method
    • Up to 10 hours care
    • Comfort wear
    • Silicone free
    • Use overnight
Applying the StretchPatch


Step 1

Open the protective seal of the package and remove the StretchPatch, one at a time. 

Step 2

Remove the protective liner from the StretchPatch and place the patch on your skin with the sticky side. Remove air bubbles if necessary. 

Step 3

Make sure you are wearing tight-fitting clothes over the patch to prevent roll up or migration, for comfortable10-hour wear. 

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