CoffeeScrub+ Organic

The main ingredients in our coffee scrub is the fair trade organic beans and organic cane sugar. The benefits of coffee in the tub, besides the smell, is that it works to help reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin. This product like the others are free from harsh chemicals and preservatives.


Best use before Cellulite+ Bum Mask to prep skin for its best potential! 


Directions: Gently massage coffee scrub onto wet skin in a circular motion. Repeat this process over the entire body. Rinse the entire body completely.

 Do not allow water to get into jar. We suggest turning running water off before opening scrub in bath.

Benefits:  Coffee is known to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin. After exfoliation skin should feel soft and moistened. 

Coffea Arabica (Coffee)*, Demerara Sugar*, Sodium Bicarbonate, Olea europea (extra virgin olive) oil*, Vanilla Planifolia*, Tocopheryl, Coffea arabica (Coffee) Seed Oil


CoffeeScrub+ Organic

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    Step 1

    Open the protective seal of the package and remove the StretchPatch, one at a time. 

    Step 2

    Remove the protective liner from the StretchPatch and place the patch on your skin with the sticky side. Remove air bubbles if necessary. 

    Step 3

    Make sure you are wearing tight-fitting clothes over the patch to prevent roll up or migration, for comfortable10-hour wear. 


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